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Expand Economic Base

In order to expand the economic base of the region, the district focuses on two primary export sectors: tourism and fisheries. Investments in commercial and industrial property is tracked through published property values for these categories. Overall, performance in these three areas is mixed between 2013 and 2014.

Tourism activity in the region shows mixed results. The best available data spans 2013 to 2014. Employment in the sector was down in 2013, while tourism taxes from hotel occupancy, car rentals, and cruise ship transfers were up in both 2013 and 2014.

Fisheries employment and revenues are dependent upon global commodity price trends, variability in various fisheries from year to year, and management practices. Based on activity in 2014, combined Prince William Sound fisheries participation was down nearly four percent, but gross value per pound rebounded from a strong decline in 2013.

Valuation for commercial and industrial property in the region also reveals mixed results, but may be a result of misclassification.

All indicators are trending in an undesirable direction
Most indicators are mixed or undetermined
Indicators show both positive and negative trends
All indicators are trending in a desirable direction

 Tourism Activity
↓3.7% /↑5.7%
Leisure and Hospitality Employment Combined
Tourism Taxes
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 Fisheries Activities

Participation/Gross Value per #

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 Commercial and Industrial Property


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