Per Capital Personal Income
Labor Force
Composition of Personal Income

New business formation
Business retention
Business preparedness

Unemployment Rate
Career and Technical Education
Employer Satisfaction with Workers

Tourism Activity
Fisheries Activity
Commercial and industrial property

AMHS passenger embarkations
Energy efficient housing stock
Leveraged funding

CEDS endorsed
Stakeholder participation
Regional preparedness




Infrastructure & Redevelopment

The status of infrastructure and redevelopment activity in the region is largely undetermined, either due to lack of comparative data or an incomplete metrics.

The Alaska Marine Highway System is a critical transportation linkage in the region. Residents rely on the AMHS for transporation within the district and to extraregional transporation links. Passenger embarkations on the ferry system increased in 2014.

The district is partnering on the development of a regional energy plan to identify long-term sustainable energy options and reduce the costs of energy. The proportion of energy efficient housing stock was selected as an initial metric to indicate progress towards these goals.

State and federal funding is essential to financing community and regional infrastructure and redevelopment projects. The district is partnering on the assessment of the Buckner Building in Whittier, which will require both state and federal funding to complete.

All indicators are trending in an undesirable direction
Most indicators are mixed or undetermined
Indicators show both positive and negative trends
All indicators are trending in a desirable direction

 AMHS Passenger Embarkation

↑5.6 %
AMHS Passenger Embarkations 2014

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 Energy Efficient Housing Stock
14 %
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 Leveraged Funding
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