Enrollment in Career and Technical Education

How’s the Prince William Sound Region performing?
Participation and concentration in career and technical education (CTE) in the three PWS school districts is lower than would be expected, given the structure of the economy and workforce. Just 8.5 percent of students in the region participated in at least one CTE course during the 2013-2014 school year. Less than three percent of students became CTE concentrators; taking two or more classes in one career path.

How is this metric determined?
The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development tracks career and technical education (CTE) participation and concentration for those districts that receive federal CTE funds.

Why does this matter?
Only one in five jobs in Alaska requires a college degree, while six in ten will require more than a high school diploma. Employers report lack of worker availability and readiness. Recruitment of workers from outside the region is reported by more than 60 percent of employers. Recruitment of talent from outside of the district coupled with high unemployment indicates some improvement can be made in aligning education, workforce training, and other postsecondary education to better meet the needs of employers.

Source:Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, PWSEDD 2014 Workforce Survey