Fisheries Activity

How’s the Prince William Sound Region performing?
Between 2013 and 2014, the region’s fisheries sector had mixed results. Overall participation or employment in the sector was down by 3.7 percent. Gross value per pound increased by 18.8 percent in 2014, after declining for the prior two years. Pounds landed varies significantly from year to year based on species’ lifecycles.

How is this metric determined?
PWSEDD staff will track stakeholder participation in meetings, planning processes, and other events throughout the coming years via sign-up sheets, advance event registrations, and presentations to local and regional audiences.

Why does this matter?
The PWSEDD Board of Directors wants to increase community and stakeholder awareness of the district and its activities. Through increased awareness and participation, the board seeks to broaden input into the district’s planning process as well as improve stakeholder buy-in with regard to implementation of the CEDS.

Source:PWSEDD staff, public presentations, sign-up sheets, advance registration processes.