Per Capital Personal Income
Labor Force
Composition of Personal Income

New business formation
Business retention
Business preparedness

Unemployment Rate
Career and Technical Education
Employer Satisfaction with Workers

Tourism Activity
Fisheries Activity
Commercial and industrial property

AMHS passenger embarkations
Energy efficient housing stock
Leveraged funding

CEDS endorsed
Stakeholder participation
Regional preparedness




Indicators of Regional Progress

Overall economic performance for the Prince William Sound region is mixed or undetermined as of July 1, 2016. This evaluation framework was developed in conjunction with the 2016 – 2021 CEDS revision. Some metrics are updated annually. Others may not be updated for several years.

Despite this mixed or undetermined status, there are positive economic signs within the region. While nominal regional prosperity is strong, the benefits of prosperity are unevenly distributed. Concern about the State of Alaska’s unresolved fiscal crisis is pervasive across the region. Per capita incomes in the region remain strong, exceeding state and national levels. However, these numbers are not normalized by a comparative cost of living.


All indicators are trending in a desirable direction
Indicators show both positive and negative trends
Most indicators are mixed or undetermined
All indicators are trending in an undesirable direction