Prince William Sound Economic Development District projects since 1995...

2016  PWSEDD became members of the Alaska Coastal Coalition regarding Alaska Marine Highway System, with Southeast Conference, Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference and Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District.  First meeting held in Anchorage, August 20, 2016.

2016 Shotgun Cove road construction continues.

2016 New City of Whittier P-12 Building construction, continuing, for city offices, police and fire department.

2016 PWSEDD supports Chenega Bay construction of a community center.

2016 PWSEDD and the Alaska Aviation Museum open Carl Brady Exhibit in Anchorage, June 3rd.

2015/2016  STEM Prince William Sound Museum tours for students.  Photo of Neil Armstrong and students.

2015/2016  AEA grants $70,000.  for Prince William Sound Energy Plan

2015-Continuing-  New Valdez Harbor and Development

2015 Prince William Sound Business Survey

2015  Grand opening of the Cordova Center

2014 Whittier Railroad Historic Plaza, Historic District

2012/2014  Brownfield Grant for Buckner Building, Whittier, Phase I and II, $90,000.00 with Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

2012  PWS Marine Trail trail upgrades in Iktua Bay

2005-2016 Support VALDEZ FLY-IN Annual event, aviation history events including Soviet Union shooting of Neptune Bomber 1955, Gamble Island, honoring U. S. Navy crew member visiting Prince William Sound Museum August 2015.

2004/2005 Regional Strategic Tourism Plan for Prince William Sound- $51,000.

2004 Nomination for Excellence in Rural Economic Development – Valdez Fisheries Business Incubator Project/Training - First product to be processed- halibut- March 1, 2004

2004 Rural energy/electric issues

2004 Wireless and fiber optic upgrades for Prince William Sound

2004 Valdez Dock Improvements $3,000,000 EDA

2003 Chugachmiut/PWSEDD Funding Summit – Cordova – 3 day conference, travel, lodging, food, entertainment 70 participants, Feb. 2003.

2002  Cordova Center design, EDA Grant    $200,000

2002 Valdez Fiheries  receives $432,000 EDA Grant

2002 VFDA Seafood Processing Plant and Training Project - $432,000 – Training $75,000.

2002 Whittier Prince William Sound Gateway Museum, $45,000., opening in May, 2005.

2001 Economic Development District Status- Attained in 2001 (least populated federal district in the United States)

2001 Regional Oil Spill Training Facility Study - $60,000 – as a possible use of the Harborview facility in Valdez.

2000 DeLong Dock Feasibility Study, Whittier – State Mini-Grant $10,000.

2000 Spot Shrimp Population Study - $200,000 – Valdez Native Tribe/NOAA

1998 Valdez Duck Flats Recreation Plan - $63,000 – Ways to protect this coastal marine habitat were discussed with community meetings, and it was decided to leave the entire area as untouched as possible. A visitor area, ranger station, educational signage may be added in the future.

1998 Western Prince William Sound Interpretive Displays - $40,000- Whittier

1998 Alaska Maritime Museum - $35,000 – Feasibility study with Lord Cultural Resources of Canada for Valdez

1997 Fleming Spit Recreation Area, Cordova – $450,000 - This area was enhanced with a boat launch, beach improvements, restrooms and is accessible for those with disabilities.

1997 Mt. Eyak Trail - $120,000 – Cordova, a recreational trail from Mt. Eyak to Tripod Summit was improved for hiking.

1997 Sound Waste Management Plan (SWMP) - $1,132.000 – Funded by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council to eliminate pollution in Prince William Sound, waste handling facilities were constructed in each of the five communities in the Sound. DNR Referred to as EVOS Stations, these buildings are collection centers for oily bilge water and other hazardous waste. The bilge water, once filtered, is safely returned to the sea. The reclaimed oil is used to heat public buildings in the communities.

1997 Tatitlek Coho Release - $10,000 – Funded by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council to restore the Coho salmon stock, this program will increase salmon runs to Boulder Bay near Tatitlek village.1997 Borough Feasibility Study - $30,000.

1997 Borough Feasibility Study - $30,000.

1996 Chenega Shoreline Residual - $1,286,000 – To aid Chenega subsistence economy, and restore the shoreline after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, this area was cleaned a second time to hasten its recovery.

1996 Dock Point Trail - $185,000 – Valdez Trail improvements , scenic overlooks, signage and parking areas were added for this recreational area.

1995 Allison Point – Valdez Fishing Area - $450,000 - completed in 1996. Project enhances access to sport fishing at Allison Point with two new ramps to the beach for boat launching. Public restroom and parking improvements were added to the area.

1995 Chenega Bay Trails - $200,000 – This trail from Chenega to Iktua Bay is accessible to those with disabilities, as well as general use.