Chenega Bay:

Marine service center/fuel station/general supplies
Hydro plant
Harbor upgrades/fast ferry access
Technology upgrades
Lodge for eco tourism
Visitor facility/restroom/shower near Dock


Cordova Center
Heavy Vessel Lift
Breakwater Extension
North Fill Boat Ramp Improvements
Water/wastewater plant upgrades
Shipyard Building/Shipyard fill
Public Safety Building/Hospital roof replacement/Electron Health Records at CCMC
Sawmill Avenue Trail/Ferry Trail
South Fill Sidewalks
Recreation building
High School Innovative Learning Program Building
Ferry dock repairs after Nov. 2011 storm


Valdez Museum and Historical Archive Building Project
Allison Lake/Solomon Lake Hydro Power Intertie
Phase II of VFDA Cold Storage Plant
Wood pellet plant/shipping area
Harbor upgrades/street lights/city beautification
Military training program/R&R facilities

Dock and harbor upgrades/”Chenega” fast ferry service
Marine center upgrades
Cockel seafood mariculture
Tannery for subsistence users/sportsmen
Kelly House Center

Community Center
Public Safety Building
Buckner Building removal
Visitor Center/Rail Station/Dock Upgrades/Shotgun Cove Road
Head of Passage Canal parking lot, kayak, boat launch area complete

Project Archive

Projects planned for Prince William Sound can be found in our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2011-2016.