Prince William Sound communities continue to invest in and seek expansion of maritime infrastructure. Marine lifts in Cordova, Valdez, and Whittier are increasing the opportunity to conduct more large-scale maintenance and refurbishment projects in-region.

All of the region’s top traded clusters are highly dependent on maritime infrastructure and marine support services.

PWSEDD will develop an inventory of maritime infrastructure as well as businesses in the Marine Transportation and Support Services Cluster. By making local and transient boat owners and operators aware of the full range of services available throughout the Sound, PWSEDD seeks to increase utilization of public facilities as well as marine support services. The inventory will also help identify gaps in services and potential recruitment targets.

PWSEDD Action Plan:

  • Inventory and assess the Marine Transportation and Support Services Cluster
  • Develop an online Marine Services Directory
  • Promote the directory

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Marine Transportation and Support Services

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