Maintaining Alaska Marine Highway System service is PWSEDD’s priority project. See AMHS project page.

In 2015, PWSEDD partnered with the Alaska Energy Authority to develop the Prince William Sound Regional Energy Plan. PWSEDD will continue to advocate for the plan and pursue energy efficiency efforts.

PWSEDD communities have local priorities for infrastructure, facilities, and development to promote growth and improve the quality of life. Find out about current infrastructure, utility, and public facility projects that are priorities for each PWSEDD community. PWSEDD assists communities by identifying potential funding sources and advocating for regional and community projects with state and federal agencies.  See a complete list of community priorities here

PWSEDD Action Plan:

  • Monitor and advocate for Alaska Marine Highway service in the region
  • Seek funding/resources to evaluate municipal authority for PWS ferry routes
  • Promote household and commercial building energy efficiency
  • Advocate for regional and community projects with funding partners
  • Advance assessment and mitigation of Buckner Building brownfield issues

Read the Prince William Sound Regional Energy Plan:


Chugach Regional Energy Plan Meeting