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Business Retention & Resilience

New business formation in the district was strong in 2014 with 130 new business licenses issued by the State of Alaska. The district is working to identify reliable year over year comparisons for new business formation.

The typical business in the district has been in operation for 5.7 years on average. Increasing business survival through better business and succession planning will be a focus for the district in the next five year cycle.

Roughly one-quarter of businesses in the district have a written emergency response and business continuity plan. Less than one-quarter of businesses have business continuity insurance coverage. Given the history of natural and man-made disasters in the region, this represents a significant risk to economic and business recovery in the likelihood of future adverse events.

All indicators are trending in an undesirable direction
Most indicators are mixed or undetermined
Indicators show both positive and negative trends
All indicators are trending in a desirable direction

 New Business Formation

130 new licenses in 2014
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 Business Retention
5.7 years

Average business duration

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 Business Preparedness & Continuity

Emergency Plan / Business Continuity Insurance

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