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Workforce Readiness & Retention

Regional unemployment declined by more than three points between 2013 and 2014. However, unemployment in the district continues to exceed both state and federal levels by more than one-third.

Less than three percent of students in the district are classified as career and technical education concentrators. Less than nine percent of students take just one CTE course. This represents a mismatch between employment opportunities and secondary CTE educational opportunities.

In a 2014 employer survey by PWSEDD, nearly 60 percent of employers responded that they are unable to fill workforce needs locally.

PWSEDD is working with Maritime Works and other workforce development initiatives to improve regional workforce readiness and retention.


All indicators are trending in an undesirable direction
Most indicators are mixed or undetermined
Indicators show both positive and negative trends
All indicators are trending in a desirable direction

 Change in the Unemployment Rate
Valdez-Cordova Census Area
2013 - 2014
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 Enrollment in Career and Technical  Education

CTE Participants / CTE Concentrators

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 Employer Satisfaction with Entry-Level  Workers


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